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Susanna Livingston

I've been in education for over 12 years. Currently working as a teacher and during the summer I work as a Facilitator for Staff Development. I also volunteer and proudly serve my union as the Local Site Coordinator of the ER&D/PD program for the CTA of Palm Beach County. Our ER&D program provides Research Based professional Development opportunities, disseminated through AFT (the American Federation of Teachers) and FEA (Florida Educators Association). We also hold Regional Institutes through FEA and NEA funding and look and recruit trainers based upon the talent pool of those who attend our workshops. I love what I do and enjoy working with children and adult learners; currently working towards my PhD in Curriculum and Instruction at Barry University in Miami.

Endorsements/Certifications: NBPTS, M.ED, ESOL k-12, ESE k-12

Areas of Interest: 
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