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I am a first-year teacher at my local high school. This year I am teaching Participation in Democracy (sem.), Modern History of Hawaii (sem.), and English IV. I am highly qualified as a social studies teacher. I recently got my Masters of Secondary Education in social studies from Hawaii Pacific University where I also did my undergraduate work. My Masters thesis was on understanding gender variant students' school experiences from a historical perspective. I looked at different cultural and historical understandings of gender variance in Hawaii, Tahiti, and Samoa, and compared those to the United States'. Then I showed how these understandings of gender variance affected the young people's educational experiences.
My overall goal for this school year 2012-2013 is to stay afloat and learn the ropes. I understand that the first of teaching is probably the most difficult because there are so many new procedures and policies to learn in addition to developing curriculum and teaching strategies. I am looking for a great PLN to help me along my journey.

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social studies,
classroom management

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