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Susan Gauvin

I will just post some lyrics I wrote in this section for now and express feelings/wishes rather than "about myself" at the moment. As who I am is not yet who I wish to be ^_^...

I Love The Child

I Love the child,
The one you have forgotten,

I love the child,
I see in you today,

I love the child,
That shines from deep within you,

I love the child,
That speaks true love from you,

I praise the God,
That put life deep within you,

I praise the life,
That put those moves in you,

I praise the day,
You shine your life upon me,

And sing this song,
I share with you today,

How much I long,
To sing this song together,

And see the dawn,
That shines for all to hear,

This special song,
A wish for all you children,

To celebrate,
Life's sweet joy with you,

Reach out and share,
This smile that grows within you,

That shows you care,
The way only you were meant to do,

Smile for all ___those other children,
Who forgot___Their inner child is there....

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experiencial (holistic etc...) learning via real and/or online

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