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Nicole Feledy

I am Nicole Feledy, an English teacher with a passion for learning and writing. After 15 years teaching secondary school English, I now provide mindset coaching for young adults. My particular area of expertise is helping individuals identify their strengths and improve their literacy. Years of classroom experience has shown me that functional emotional literacy offers a sound foundation for building effective critical and creative literacy. These skills are powerful learning tools which help students learn how to learn (rather than simply learning how to imitate).

My quest was to devise a map, forge a set of keys and expose a door for young people to discover more about themselves and their world. I wanted to share the magic of creativity and the power of critical literacy. So I developed 'Is This MyStory' - a series of ten steps along a learning path to encourage young adults to learn how to learn.

Reading and writing are as vital to my life as inhaling and exhaling. My blog offers my musings,

Areas of Interest: 
critical and emotional literacy,