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Jeffrey Hillmeyer

I am a recently self-employed Architect, primarily due to the economy, but more importantly to take a more active approach in the education of my children. I reflect on how my parents raised me which in their own way was very "Montessoriesque" (since neither of them had a formal education) and was based on simple persistence to do the right thing, always. And recognizing that the path is never direct. Compassion and community involvement were at the core of how they lived and were very well-received by many, and it is how I attempt to continue the legacy. The study and practice of architecture was a natural fit for me because I have a great interest in all things in the world and how people interact and it's how I feel best prepared to solve almost any problem. The technical side of architecture also comes naturally for me and I happen to think it's mostly genetic, however having the parents cultivated that curiosity and tactile ability to understand how things come together.

Areas of Interest: 
Writing for children,
education of the public about architecture,
holistic health

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