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Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, I earned a degree in Cultural Anthropology, married a German national, lived in Germany, then spent 15 years living in Tulsa before relocating to the Ozark Mountain foothills in 2009. While in Tulsa, I returned to the university to study teaching with my primary interest being LD students.

After finishing my studies, I worked in a fantastic elementary school in inner-city Tulsa which served primarily Hispanic and Native American students. Our school was like a second family; we were called "a lighthouse to the community." After moving to Arkansas in 2009, I took a year off to travel to India (the dream of a lifetime), then returned to work for three years as an elementary special ed. teacher split between two schools.

I will be teaching in a resource room at a brand-new middle school this school year. I'm excited about the new challenge this fantastic opportunity affords me. As an intern, middle school was my favorite setting, and I will enjoy being among a brand new staff and new students. :)

Areas of Interest: 
Special Education,
German Language,