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I am a special education teacher. This is my 3rd consecutive year teaching full time in the public school setting. In October, after two years and five weeks of teaching at the high school level, I was switched to elementary due to a decrease in numbers at the high school and my own low seniority.

I have learned tons at the elementary level--especially in the due process area. I miss teaching classes as I did at the high school level, and find it challenging doing so many diferent small groups and trying to fit in paperwork at the elementary level. I have found aspects that I love at both the elementary and secondary levels, as well as aspects that I am not quite so fond of at each level.

I split my days between a regular elementary school and a Spanish Immersion school. The immersion environment has created a lot of questions for me regarding special ed (which is in English) and students who have learning disabilities and/or AD/HD in a primarily Spanish environment. English is not taught during the school day until 2nd grade. English is the first language of most of the students.

I love learning and am not afraid to ask lots of questions. I always want to get as much as I can out of my teaching environments. I also have experience as a K-12 substitute teacher for 4 and a half years, as well as full time experience in a charter school and a private school.

I'm looking forward to getting to know other teachers here and learning from each other.

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