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Southern Amber

I live in the mountains of NC. I have worked in the public school system as a volunteer, substitute, and an instructional assistant for 2nd grade and intensive intervention. I have 2 children on completely different ends of the academic spectrum. When my daughter was in 2nd grade, I was told by her teacher and resource teacher that she had "plateaued" and the they wanted her labeled at-risk. Having experience working with at-risk students, I knew that was not a good fit for my daughter. I removed her from public school, and now I home school her and my son. I am proud to say that she has made wonderful gains academically. My goal and hope is to find a school where she and my son can plug in and grow into strong individuals.

I am fast approaching completion of my MAED with a focus on Family and Community Services. I would love to find a job working in a school in a counseling, professional development, or curriculum development capacity. I love children, especially those who come from struggling backgrounds. My goal is to work with students and families to produce fantastic learners and tales of success regardless of home life and background.