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Carolyn Marion

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice who works with children in the community. I see many times where social and emotional growth has helped children make great gains in all areas of their lives. When children are balanced socailly and emotionally they have the potential to excell intellectually unencumbered. I have the joy of watching these young ones develop self-confidence and move forward. The times I have noted this being the most successful is when all of the supports around the child are in sync. Supports including, parents, teachers, community services, medical and mental health providers all working as a team with the same goal. The concept of social-emotional education coming into the classroom as a reality is extreemly exciting to me as I have noted for nearly 20 years how well the Headstart programs in Virginia have done with the At-Risk Children when teaching social-emotional skills to their students. I have hoped for the same in the regular class rooms of all public schools. I hope it is something that Virginia's schools will adopt and impliment in their classrooms, not just in special education classrooms.

Areas of Interest: 
Counseling Psychology - Mental Health for children and families