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Amanda Holley

My name is Amanda Holley and I am a pre-service teacher enrolled into BEd(Sec) majoring in Music and History at Griffith University. I swapped to this degree after doing a year at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music majoring in Performance on Orchestral Tuba. The transfer of degree programs was prompted by my lucky find of my passion to become an educator. It was also reinforced due to an injury I sustained whilst performing.

Statement of intent:
Whilst enrolled as a pre-service student teacher I intend to make the most of my time at University. I will make this happen by collecting resources, creating contacts and allowing myself to grow as a person. I think that this state of having an open mind will allow me to see everyone's opinion so that I can collate them and make informed decisions on how I wish to teach after I graduate.

Areas of Interest: 
professional development