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Barbara Vogt

I have been teaching for twenty years, twelve of those years were in Virgina and the remaining years have been in North Carolina. I live on a sand dune that overlooks both the sound and the sea. For me, online learining is what I see as forward motion. As a classroom teacher, I teach an online program called APEX, the program engages every student in the room. Since teaching the online program, I am able to have a one-on-one conference with every student each day to meet all individual needs. Students can access the program from home if they are ill and not miss any instructional time. Evey quiz or test item is graded by the program except for essays; therefore, I have more time to address each written piece of work by the students in the class. After teaching an online class, I have found it a powerful element to what teachers have been asking for for years. It is as if I have twenty or more assistants at the same time engaging students. I hear my students laugh as they are engage in learning, and it's good to hear laughter and see smiles as my student leave the online learning classroom.

Areas of Interest: 
Online programs; reading; road trips; making classroom projects fun; walking; Holidays

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