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Jean Pavlovic

I've been teaching for 18 years. The first ten years I team-taught in a cross-categorical setting. For the last 8 years, I've had a self-contained classroom, teaching kids from 14-21 years old who have cognitive disabillities and most of them also have autism. So my job is a combination of teachings academics at a variety of levels and teaching functional life skills. I love my kids and I have a great support staff of paraprofessionals that help my classroom run well.
I've been married for 45 years and began teaching later in life. I'm getting ready for retirement, although it won't be easy to leave my kids. I have three children of my own, and three grandsons. One of my grandsons is already in college, studying to become a Phy Ed teacher along with adaptive Phy Ed, and the second grandson will begin college next year.

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