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Piet Bothma

*After being selected as apprentice of the year Dr Bothma qualified as an Instrument Technician during 1981.
*During 1983 he started a career in Vocational Education, Training and Development where he was also appointed as National Examiner for Engineering Programmes and Courses. He evaluated students at National Technical Certificate Levels 5 and 6 for a period of 13 years. He is an author of various textbooks and correspondence courses for Technical Colleges. Piet is actively involved with Educational, Training and Development Forums at Local, Provincial and National level.
*Dr Bothma completed his National Technical Diploma in 1983. A second National Technical Diploma in 1988 and during the course of the same year he completed a National Education Diploma. He continued to complete a B.Ed. Degree in Education, Training and Development Management in 1992 and passed the M.Ed. Degree (cum laude) in 1994 on which he was selected as Top Achiever for the Faculty of Education of the Rand Afrikaanse University. The focus of the M.Ed. study was to integrate Education, Training and Development. In November 1996 he completed a D.Ed. degree. The focus of his D.Ed. Thesis was to develop alternative routes for skills training. He evaluated nine different countries' Education, Training and Development Systems and fourteen countries Incubation Systems for Business Development. One of the alternative routes that were developed in this research was the Technopreneur Training Programme, integrating Education, Training and Development with economic growth.
*Complete various Research studies in Education Training and Development. Publish 16 Books on Educational studies.
*Ntsika Enterprise Promotion Agency employed Dr Bothma as General Manager Operations. The objective of Ntsika is to create sustainable enterprises through access to technology and appropriate skills transfer, growing the economy through job creation.
*Dr Bothma represents Ntsika on various Boards of Directors; Steering Committees; Advisory Committees; Education, Training and Development Forums and Standard Generating bodies.
*He is a specialist in Project Planning, Project Management Programme Development and Business Development Strategies.
*Dr Bothma was actively involved in finalising the skills act, Higher education Act and the Further education act. His 6 years reign as the Chief Executive Officer of the Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA) was acknowledge by the Minister that TETA was one of the Top Sector Education and Training Authorities in South Africa. He Provide leadership and Strategic Direction on Education, Training and Development in South Africa. Facilitate various International Projects creating working relationships with Higher Education Providers in South Africa and Belgium, Canada, Norway, America, Holland, etc
*Provide Strategic Leadership and Support to Various School Governing Bodies, Staff and Parents on Good Corporate Governance, Teaching styles and Methodologies, Curriculum Development, Emotional Intelligence, Inviting Good Discipline, Study Strategies, etc
*Provide in-house training programmes for Teachers to improve Education and Training service delivery
*In 2011 Dr Bothma was appointed as the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering at MGI.

Areas of Interest: 
Education and training; Engineering

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