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Cathy Price

I have benefited from a wide range of professional experiences allowing me to be comfortable working in any classroom from Kindergarten to High School. I have successfully planned and implemented a wide variety of courses across the spectrum. As well, I have honed my school leadership skills by coordinating several AISI programs involving a great deal of staff interaction and team management.

Building a good rapport with all members of a learning community is one of my core values. It is my priority to be involved in extra-curricular activities both in and outside of the school throughout the year. It has been my experience that extra-curricular participation manifests positively in my practice and in the quality of work that I receive from students.

Professional development and reflection of performance are also two areas in which I put forth a strong commitment. Over the past nine years, I have attended a variety of workshops and seminars focusing on literacy, professional learning communities, assessment for learning, education in the 21st century, and leadership. As well, I have shared my learning by facilitating a number of workshops to a variety of audiences at the school, division, and provincial levels.

My roots are set deep in rural Alberta. My understanding and sensitivity toward the needs of rural youth draws on both personal and professional experience. Rural communities and the issues that arise therein are unique; being able to relate to this lifestyle is important to developing a strong link with students and their families.

My diverse experience and leadership capacity, together with my commitment to volunteerism and rural life, are strengths that assist me in providing a high quality educational experience in rural Alberta.

Areas of Interest: 
Educational research,
professional development,
21st century learning,
technology integration,