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Standardized Testing

However you feel about them, standardized tests are integral to public education. Discover ways to prepare for, cope with, detox from, and even be creative with high-stakes assessments.

  • The 10 Most Significant Education Studies of 2020

    We reviewed hundreds of educational studies in 2020 and then highlighted 10 of the most significant—covering topics from virtual learning to the reading wars and the decline of standardized tests.
    Youki Terada, Stephen Merrill
  • Student holding textbooks

    Study Strategies Beyond Memorization

    Using a metacognitive exercise helps students know what they should and shouldn’t study.
  • Two Girls Playing Outdoors At Home On Garden Slide

    New Research Casts Doubt on the ‘Summer Slide’

    Under closer scrutiny, the idea of dramatic learning loss over the summer doesn’t seem to hold up, according to a recent study.
  • A female teacher in a blue shirt and glasses is sitting in a classroom alone, looking at papers.

    3 Ways Student Data Can Inform Your Teaching

    Gather and use valuable student data to inform your classroom practice.
  • A stressed-out young woman sits in front of a blackboard crowded with numbers and equations.

    Tips for Tackling Timed Tests and Math Anxiety

    You can’t make timed tests go away, but you can help make the stress more manageable for students.
  • A student taking a standardized test

    Building Metacognition Into Test Prep

    High-stakes tests often measure how well students cope with stress rather than how much they know, but they can prepare for the stress.
  • Confident students taking a test.

    Brain-Based Strategies to Reduce Test Stress

    A neurologist shares ideas for beating stress before and during test time.
  • An illustration of a student surfing a wave on top of a book

    A Game-Based Approach to Test Prep

    Tying fun goals to standardized test preparation helps students stay focused as they review several months’ worth of content.
  • Resources for Understanding the Common Core State Standards

    Explore an educator's guide to websites, organizations, articles, and other resources looking at the new system of standards and how they will be assessed.
  • Teacher with students gathered around her looking at computer.

    Resources and Tools for PBL Start to Finish

    Educators from Manor New Technology High School in Manor, Texas, part of the New Tech Network of schools, have provided these resources and tools for project-based learning.
  • Young boy sits at desk with a confused look on his take while taking a test.

    Test Prep Doesn’t Have to Be Overwhelming

    Help your students use technology and build their confidence—and teach them to speak the tests’ language.
  • Three students working together on a project

    PBL and Standardized Tests? It Can Work!

    There’s a tension between project-based learning and standardized testing prep, but also a wide swath of common ground.
  • Photo of a girl taking a test, with illustrations drawn on the photo

    Play as a Test Prep Tool

    Use these games built around standardized tests to build engagement and fuel learning.
  • What Exactly Is "Understanding?" And How Do We Assess It?

    Blogger Terry Heick looks at the nebulous term "understanding" and how its many interpretations can make student assessment so difficult.

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