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5-Minute Film Festival

Enjoy these thoughtfully-curated playlists of informative, compelling short videos about all things related to teaching and learning.

  • Stylized illustration of ladders rising up toward clouds

    5-Minute Film Festival: Resources for Teaching About Character

    Five videos and a set of resources for celebrating Character Day on September 26.
    Amy Erin Borovoy
  • Illustration of a film camera projecting a smiley face with popcorn in the foreground

    5-Minute Film Festival: Best Educational Parodies of 2017

    Take a well-deserved break and enjoy our picks for the best recent parody videos for educators and their students.
  • Panoramic view from under the glass pyramid at the Louvre in Paris.

    5-Minute Film Festival: Teaching With 360-Degree Videos

    Check out these immersive 360-degree videos you can use in your classroom—no special equipment needed.
  • Graphic of a video player with a play button.

    5-Minute Film Festival: 5 Videos to Explore Growth Mindset

    Learn more about how mindset can affect learning with this collection of videos—for everyone from preschoolers to parents.
  • 5-Minute Film Festival: Videos on Kindness, Empathy, and Connection

    VideoAmy compiled this moving playlist of videos to explore the importance of human relationships and the power of being kind, generous, and compassionate.
  • Empty colorful classroom

    5-Minute Film Festival: Classroom Makeovers to Engage Learners

    Most educators have little choice about the (usually) over-crowded, (often) unappealing rooms they teach in -- but they intuitively know that the spaces children spend their time in can have an effect on how they learn. I've gathered a collection of videos to explore the questions: How important is environment to learning? And what small changes can you make in seating, organization, lighting, and decor to build your own space into a better place to teach and learn?
  • 3 Videos on the Importance of Empathy

    These three videos on the importance of empathy will help inspire a conversation in the classroom and beyond. 
  • illustration of a hand holding a pencil

    5-Minute Film Festival: 7 Video Writing Prompts for Young Authors

    Looking for a new way to spark creativity in your students' writing? Try these video writing prompts.
  • A laptop screen in the foreground with a blurred student behind the screen.

    5-Minute Film Festival: 7 Videos for ELL Classrooms

    Videos can be a highly effective tool for teaching and learning English when used strategically. Check out these 7 videos to use with ELLs in the classroom.
  • Young girl with video camera.

    5-Minute Film Festival: Resources for Filmmaking in the Classroom

    Explore classroom filmmaking with this playlist of resources for teachers and students.
  • 5-Minute Film Festival: Teaching Digital Citizenship

    VideoAmy explores the topic of digital citizenship with this playlist of videos on the importance of online safety, manners, privacy, and responsibility.
  • 5-Minute Film Festival: 10 Great Video Resources for Teaching Math

    Spice up your math lessons with these engaging, interesting, and entertaining teaching videos.
  • 5-Minute Film Festival: Teaching Kids about Global Poverty

    Teaching your students about poverty and hunger can be a powerful experience for them. VideoAmy shares a series of videos that explore the issues encountered by four college students who lived on one dollar per day in Guatemala.
  • Graphic of a student looking down with a group of students standing behind.

    5-Minute Film Festival: Turning Bystanders Into Upstanders Against Bullying

    Transforming bystanders into "upstanders" is an effective strategy for bullying prevention. This collection of videos and resources will show students how to speak out when they see someone being bullied.
  • Illustration of a target with arrows that have missed the mark on the ground below.

    5-Minute Film Festival: Freedom to Fail Forward

    Knowing how to learn from failure can be a key to success. In this playlist, VideoAmy curates the best videos and resources for encouraging students to be resilient and embrace mistakes.

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