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Tap into the excitement of edcamps, informal weekend events for professional development where teachers and administrators gather to learn from and inspire one another.

  • School Leadership

    Open Space Technology: Decision by Inclusion

    See where Edcamps and Unconferences got their start with Open Space Technology, an inclusive decision-making model for crowdsourcing the best ideas in your school or classroom.
  • Edcamps

    Edcamps: The New Professional Development

    When teachers choose their own professional learning opportunities (such as Edcamps), many feel more support in their jobs and better prepared to support their students' learning.
  • Edcamps

    5 Reasons Why Edcamps Matter

    Edcamps provide informal, personalized, and powerful PD because they're educator driven, they build networks, inspire passion, and foster conversations -- and they're low stress.
  • Edcamps

    Why Edcamp?

    Edcamps are informal sessions by and for teachers, where anyone can present, and the focus is on collaboration and connections, group expertise, tech tools, and instructional design.
  • Professional Development

    DIY Professional Development: Resource Roundup

    Why wait for formal environments, when there are so many opportunities to learn new skills on your own? We've compiled a list of the best resources for do-it-yourself PD to get you started.
  • Edcamps

    Resources for Organizing an Edcamp

    Organizing an Edcamp? Kristen Swanson, chair of the Edcamp Foundation Partner Program, has curated resources from Edutopia and across the web to help you on your journey.
  • Professional Development

    Professional Learning Opportunities and the Teachers They Create

    Professional learning is most effective when educators have the option to personalize the experience and communicate meaningfully with other educators who share their focus.
  • Education Trends

    Edcamps: Remixing Professional Development

    Edutopia blogger Andrew Marcinek gives us a personal perspective on how the Edcamp model changed his professional focus, and provides examples of how he's adapted this model for staff, students and community.
  • Teacher Leadership

    Introduction to Edcamp: A New Conference Model Built on Collaboration

    Introduction to Edcamp: Mary Beth Hertz, one of the founders of edcamp Philly, gives an introduction to the "unconference" model for educators.
  • Edcamps

    Why Edcamp Is the Future of PD

    An Edcamp pioneer looks back at how this now-popular professional development model remains free, noncommercial, spontaneous, organic, user-friendly, and open to all presenters and attendees.
  • 5-Minute Film Festival

    5-Minute Film Festival: Taking Back PD with Edcamp

    Want to learn more about the Edcamp movement? This video collection will help you get started and involved in DIY professional development. 
  • Edcamps

    An Insider’s Guide to Edcamps

    All you need for an Edcamp is building, classroom, and wi-fi, access -- and educators excited about showing up to create their own personal learning agenda.
  • Education Trends

    Micro-Credentials: Empowering Lifelong Learners

    Guest blogger Krista Moroder, a project manager with the non-profit Digital Promise, makes a case for micro-credentials in an educational landscape that encourages non-traditional learning for students while still evaluating teachers' PD by traditional measures.
  • Teacher Educators

    Hangouts on Air: Connecting Teachers With Content Experts

    Google Hangouts can be an accessible, low-cost tool for teaching educators about technology or turning snow days into PD sessions -- among many other possibilities.
  • Education Trends

    Promoting Playful Learning Through Teacher Networks

    Through Edcamps and the ScratchED community, teachers can become champions of the kind of playful learning that will help their students thrive.