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Dual-Language Learning

Learn how dual-language education can foster bilingualism and biliteracy, enhancing students' awareness of cultural diversity while leveling up academic achievement.

  • Developing Literacy Through Reading Buddies

    Pairing little kids with big ones to read together builds more than literacy skills; it fosters relationships that benefit everyone involved.
  • Building Literacy Skills With Dramatic Play

    Building Literacy Skills With Dramatic Play

    By acting out their own stories, young children develop a deeper understanding of character, setting, and language.
  • The Benefits of Dual-Language Immersion

    The Benefits of Dual-Language Immersion

    Research shows that students can benefit cognitively, socially, and academically from instruction in two languages.
  • Building Cross-Cultural Connections in Two Languages

    Building Cross-Cultural Connections in Two Languages

    At a bilingual school in Chicago, first-grade teachers swap classrooms so students get lessons in both Mandarin and English.
  • Supporting Schoolwide Culturally Responsive Practice

    Supporting Schoolwide Culturally Responsive Practice

    When teachers strive for more equity in the classroom, all students can contribute and feel a sense of belonging.
  • Illustration of younger and older people talking with speech bubbles set against a pile of blocks

    Building an ELL Program From Scratch

    A 2019 Teacher of the Year offers advice for developing an English language learner (ELL) program at any school.
    Sarahí Monterrey
  • Students in a class at Haines Elementary school

    Using Diversity to Build a Culture of Belonging

    Academics and social skills are equally prioritized at this multilingual elementary school in Chicago, ranked one of the best in the city.
  • Two young girls doing a project with scissors and pens

    Supporting ELLs in PBL Projects

    PBL is valuable for ELLs when it teaches academic vocabulary, encourages collaboration, scaffolds structure and function, allows assessment and differentiation, and leverages their native language.
  • Students is paying close attention to a teacher in a classroom.

    Teaching Global Competence

    The benefits of promoting cultural diversity, tolerance, and empathy in curriculum to foster global awareness.
  • Research Supports Global Curriculum

    Founded with a vision to prepare students for a globalized future, Seattle's John Stanford International School (JSIS) is an internationally themed, model public elementary school. Several key strategies and best practices interact to help explain the success of JSIS.
  • Lost in Translation: Reaching Out to English-Language Learners

    How do you say "Tomorrow's assignment is . . ." in 460 languages?
  • 5-Minute Film Festival: A Day in the Life of a Public School District

    A powerful documentary film project tells the story of a public school district through the lens of the people who work and learn there. VideoAmy offers a few favorites from the fifty short videos that have been published.

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