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Dual-Language Learning

Learn how dual-language education can foster bilingualism and biliteracy, enhancing students' awareness of cultural diversity while leveling up academic achievement.

  • Four Spanish-Language Young Adult Novels Worth Reading

    Meriwynn Mansori
  • Supporting ELLs in PBL Projects

    PBL is valuable for ELLs when it teaches academic vocabulary, encourages collaboration, scaffolds structure and function, allows assessment and differentiation, and leverages their native language.
  • Teaching Global Competence

    The benefits of promoting cultural diversity, tolerance, and empathy in curriculum to foster global awareness.
  • 5-Minute Film Festival: A Day in the Life of a Public School District

    A powerful documentary film project tells the story of a public school district through the lens of the people who work and learn there. VideoAmy offers a few favorites from the fifty short videos that have been published.
  • Lost in Translation: Reaching Out to English-Language Learners

    How do you say "Tomorrow's assignment is . . ." in 460 languages?
  • Teaching Students How to Make Global Impact

    The John Stanford International School has been a model for developing global-awareness curricula. Now they’ve expanded their lessons to teach students how to take action to help others.
  • How to Create a Program That Gets Parents Involved

    Regardless of their educational background, parents can help get their children off to college.
  • A Common Language Creates an Uncommon Bond: Students Learn to Speak Japanese

    An innovative program teaches kids it's never too early to learn a foreign language.
  • Success Spoken Here: Preparing Citizens of the World

    For more than 12 years, Seattle's John Stanford International School has been a model for international schools, immersing its elementary students in global awareness and achieving academically as well.
  • Ohayo, Portland: Using Foreign Language as a Bridge to Learning

    A partial-immersion K-12 Japanese-language program teaches students that it's easy to make friends if you speak the same tongue.
  • Teachers and Students: Support Is Key

    Here are some school practices that support positive teacher-student relations.