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Glenview Elementary

Grades K-5 | Oakland, CA

Strengthening School Community Brings Gains in Academic Achievement

Dialogue circles, arts programming, and team-building activities create a positive school culture and support academic growth at Glenview Elementary School.
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What This School Is Achieving


With the implementation of dialogue circles, arts programming, and supports for professional learning in 2010:


  • 12% growth in ELA
  • 13% growth in math
  • 103% growth in science


  • Suspension rate decreased from 4% to 0%


How They Do It

Using Dialogue Circles to Support Classroom Management

Using Dialogue Circles to Support Classroom Management

At Glenview Elementary School, dialogue circles are part of a program aimed at building collaboration, respect, and positive behavior among students.

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Partner with Local Arts Organizations

Partner with Local Arts Organizations

Partnerships with local arts organizations can bring much-needed resources to your students without much cost, and can provide students with new outlets for creativity and ways to develop essential critical thinking and collaboration skills.

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