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Wings Program

Grades K-5 | Charlestown, SC

Social and Emotional Learning After School

The WINGS program at Chicora Elementary in South Carolina demonstrates a promising niche for social and emotional lessons: after school.
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What This School Is Achieving


WINGS is an education organization that teaches kids how to behave well, make good decisions and build healthy relationships.

WINGS is gathering data on its hundreds of alumni to gauge the program's overall effect. Meanwhile, there are positive signs. In the first class of WINGS students, a small group of 18 who entered the program in 1999, the high school graduation rate was 40 percent higher than among their non-WINGS peers.

Anecdotally, teachers report that WINGS students behave and perform better during the regular school day.

How They Do It

Teacher on the floor surrounded by working students

Strategies for Getting Started with After-School SEL

Planning and fundraising tips to launch your own program, from the pro behind WINGS for Kids.

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Girls dancing on stage

Resources and Downloads from WINGS for Kids

Free tools, guidelines, and activities to help you bring social and emotional learning to children in grades K-6 in your after-school setting.

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Girl and boy getting guitars out of their cases

More After-School Models

WINGS for Kids is just one model of innovative uses of the after-school hours.

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Group of girls smiling

Six Tips for Teaching Social and Emotional Skills After School

Best practices from WINGS for Kids, a carefully designed South Carolina program.

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Two staff members talking

Scaling Up Success: Social and Emotional Learning After School

How South Carolina's WINGS for Kids aims to expand its program for teaching social and emotional skills to young children.

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Boy taking teacher's hand

Why It Matters: Social and Emotional Learning After School

South Carolina's WINGS for Kids teaches crucial social and emotional skills to students facing serious life challenges.

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Teacher sitting on floor with students playing ball

How It Works: Social and Emotional Learning After School

South Carolina's WINGS for Kids uses fun activities and precise language to reinforce social and emotional lessons every day.

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Three students smiling

The WINGS Story: An After-School Program Helps Students Beat the Odds

A South Carolina program pioneers a model for teaching social and emotional lessons to the neediest children after school.

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Teachers sitting on floor surrounded by young kids singing

The WINGS for Kids Creed

A daily song reinforces social and emotional skills.

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