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Edwards Middle School

Grades 6-8 | Charlestown, MA

Engaging Students by Expanding Learning Time

Students’ math, reading, and science skills – and behavior and attendance – improved by leaps and bounds after expanding academic time allowed for support in core areas and participation in extracurricular enrichment courses.
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What This School Is Achieving


Edwards has added three hours to the school day Monday through Thursday (about 300 hours per year) to increase learning time in all core subjects. They receive grant funds to support the the additional hours.

Since implementing extended learning time, this school has achieved the following:

  • 150% growth in math
  • 73% growth in reading
  • 533% growth in science
  • 37% decrease in the rate of suspensions

How They Do It

How a Longer School Day Can Improve Academics

Expanded Learning Time Builds Positive Culture and Academic Performance

Extended learning time allows students to work together in groups to improve their skills and gives them the opportunity to explore extracurricular areas of interest.

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Two girls reading and writing

Resources and Downloads for Expanded Learning Time

Resources on This Page: Resources from Edwards Middle School Learn More About Edwards Middle School: Website, Articles, Videos, and Blogs

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Voices From the School

Implementing Expanded Learning Time: Six Factors for Success

Amrita Sahni
Director of Instruction, Edwards Middle School, Boston MA

Nine Strategies for Reaching All Learners in English Language Arts

Hassan Mansaray
English Language Arts Teacher, Edwards Middle School

Special Ed Best Practices Inspire Successful Expanded Learning Time for All Students

Craig Haas
Licensed Special Education Administrator, Edwards Middle School

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