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Schools That Work| Case Study

Elk Grove Unified School District And Bravo Medical Magnet High School

Grades 9-12 | Elk Grove and Los Angeles, CA

Merging Career Tech and College Prep

Developing technical skills through hands-on learning is keeping kids in school and setting them up for success in college and the job market.
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What This School Is Achieving

At Bravo High School

Where Students Go After Graduation

49.8% Four-year College
56.9% Community College
1.5% Military
1.7% Vocational School

Dropout Rate

2.6% Bravo High School
26.4% LA Unified School District

Graduation Rate

96.1% Bravo High School
72.4% LA Unified School District

Data is from the 2008-2009 academic year.

How They Do It

Teacher and student at the computer with her robot

Teacher Development: Learning a Cooperative Method of Teaching

Preparing teachers to work in a collaborative academy culture.

7 1,246 views
Boy welding

Merging Career Tech with College Prep: Why We Chose These Schools

A checklist of essential qualities for career academies in Edutopia's "Schools That Work" series.

1 812 views
Two girls working on a robot

Career Tech Meets College Prep: Downloads and Resources

A compilation of sites and organizations that provide useful information and resources to help you better understand and implement Career and Technical Education.

3 7 953 views
Girl and teacher looking at a human skeleton.

5 Students, 5 Paths to a Future That Works

A second chance for success in school.

25 845 views

Seven Steps to Building School-to-Industry Partnerships

Meeting your match for mentors, internships and expert assistance.

52 4,983 views
Woman smiling standing in front of the school

Funding a Career Tech/College Prep Start-Up

Locating the pots of money designated for career tech academies and pathways.

1 1 690 views
Teacher and three students looking at a human skeleton

Career Tech Meets College Prep: Ten Tips to Get Going

Practical advice for taking those first steps.

2 31 816 views
Boy at computer and another using a tablet and stylus

Career and Technical Education: Research Roundup

Evidence of success in lowering the dropout rate and raising grades.

1 18 11,959 views
A Big, Diverse California District Embraces Academies

The Districtwide Approach to Career and Technical Education

Support from the top boosts local academy success.

4 960 views
Animation as a Pathway to College and a Career

Career Technical Classes: Preparing Tomorrow's Skilled Professionals

Learning trade skills without losing sight of college.

53 916 views


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