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What educators have been clamoring for! A wide selection of Edutopia videos are available for purchase on DVD in our premade compilations.
August 25, 2011

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The best documentaries from the video archives on the most pressing topics in education: project-based learning, technology integration, math and science, social and emotional learning, assessment, school-to-career, integrated studies, teacher development, and more. Click on the "Buy this DVD" link for each compilation for a list of specific videos included on that disc.

Though the production of Edutopia DVDs was discontinued in 2010, many videos published before that date are available on the compilations below. Newer videos can be downloaded on iTunes U.

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Alphabetical List of Available DVD Titles

Arts and Music
Teaching creativity in schools is not a luxury. Why arts education is crucial for kids, and how schools are making it work.
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Standardized tests are just one form of appraising student achievement. The documentaries in this collection look at the many innovative ways to assess students in K-12 schools.
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Community Involvement
Partnerships with parents and community members provide critically needed materials, technology, and experiences for students and teachers.
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Digital Generation (Double DVD)
A two-disc set of the best videos from Edutopia's Digital Generation Project: an exploration of how young people are using new media to learn, communicate, and socialize in new and exciting ways.
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Integrated Studies
Integrated studies combines curriculum from two or more disciplines, allowing students to see how ideas are interconnected.
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Math and Science
Parents, educators, and the business community acutely understand the importance of improving the achievement of U.S. students in mathematics and science. The documentaries in this group detail new and innovative ways math and classroom are being taught in the classroom.
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Project-Based Learning
In project-based learning, students work in teams to explore real-world problems, leading to a deeper knowledge of subject matter, greater motivation, and improved research and problem-solving skills. The documentaries in this collection explore how project-based learning is being used in a variety of education environments.
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School-to-career programs engage parents, businesses, and community-based organizations in providing students with career-exploration opportunities. These documentaries examine the key role of school-to-career programs in education.
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Schools That Work: Differentiated Instruction
Though more schools possess the technological tools, too few use them to personalize the learning process. Meet the faculty at Forest Lake Elementary in Columbia, SC. Starting as techno novices, they now use customizable software, interactive whiteboards, digital cameras, and more to tailor lessons to the individual needs of diverse students.
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Schools That Work: Project Learning in Portland, Maine
At King Middle School and Casco Bay High School, in Portland, Maine, every student works in a widely hailed project-learning method called expeditionary learning. Couple that with Maine's 1-to-1 laptop program, strong school leadership, dedicated teachers, and a diverse student population, and you've got a recipe for raising student achievement.
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Schools that Work: Social Emotional Learning in Louisville
Kentucky's Jefferson County Public Schools are using an initiative for social and emotional education to help students become better learners while developing the skills necessary to become self-aware, caring, and connected to others.
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Schools That Work: YES Prep North Central
The educators at Houston's YES Prep Public Schools are on a mission to transform lives -- and ultimately whole families and communities -- by helping kids conquer their disadvantages and complete college.
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Social and Emotional Learning: Volume 1
We must help students develop the skills to manage their emotions, resolve conflict nonviolently, and respect differences. These documentaries look at the important part that social and emotional learning plays in reducing negative behaviors and improving academic achievement.
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Social and Emotional Learning: Volume 2
Educators must help students develop the skills to manage their emotions, resolve conflict nonviolently, and make responsible decisions.
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Teacher Development
Exemplary teacher-preparation programs allow teacher candidates the time to spend in classrooms with experienced mentors.
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Technology Integration: Volume 1
Technology tools can extend learning in powerful ways when effectively integrated into the curriculum. These documentaries detail how educators and students are employing technology to enrich learning.
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Technology Integration: Volume 2
Integrating technology into classroom instruction means more than teaching basic computer skills and software programs in a separate computer class.
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A World-Class Education: Volume 2
A World-Class Education: Volume 2 is a compilation of five documentary films that demonstrate the importance of international awareness and provide real-world examples of innovative K-12 programs that foster global understanding.
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A New Day for Learning
The seven documentary films included on this DVD provide examples of how student learning can be improved during and beyond the school day, taking advantage of after-school or out-of-school periods, including afternoons, evenings, weekends, and summers.
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