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Study: Fidgeting Helps Students with ADHD Stay Focused

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Is a class full of fidgety students driving you crazy? If any of those students have ADHD, you'll want to think twice before asking them to stop. A 2015 study found that students with ADHD are more focused when they're allowed to fidget at their desks (this didn't apply to students without ADHD). Since hyperactivity is a natural state for students with ADHD, preventing them from fidgeting becomes a distraction.

If you're concerned about other students being distracted by the fidgeting, check out the ideas shared by our community: 17 Ways to Help Students With ADHD Fidget.

Research Cited: Hartanto, T. A., Krafft, C. E., Iosif, A. M., & Schweitzer, J. B. (2015). A trial-by-trial analysis reveals more intense physical activity is associated with better cognitive control performance in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Child Neuropsychology, (ahead-of-print), 1-9.

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