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Readers' Survey 2006

We asked. You told. The best! The worst! The unexpected!
Edutopia Team
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Credit: David Julian

Educators get to ask a lot of questions. They're masters of Socratic inquiry, pressing students to explore concepts behind schoolwork, inviting analysis instead of simple memorization of facts. But as a high school teacher in Vermont recently noted, "Sometimes it doesn't seem like people care what we think."

We do.

In every issue, we ask readers a Sage Advice question, soliciting solutions and innovation on a specific topic. We get hundreds, sometimes thousands, of responses. Many are passionate; all are thoughtful. We know our readers have ideas and love to share them. Now we have more proof: Edutopia's first annual Readers' Survey.

Two months ago, we asked our subscribers to open up and tell us about their favorite (and least favorite) things in the world of education. You have the results in your hands -- and online. Explore them, have fun, and tell us what you think. Attention will be paid.

Contributors: Sara Bernard, Geoff Butterfield, James Daly, Owen Edwards, Cheri Lucas, Grace Rubenstein, Jennifer Foote Sweeney, Joe Willis

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