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Nicolás Pino-James, PhD

Educational Researcher

I am passionate about helping students on their journey towards effective learning, and teachers towards effective teaching. I specialise in student engagement in the classroom.

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  • Student Engagement

    Golden Rules for Engaging Students in Learning Activities

    When we think of student engagement in learning activities, it is often convenient to understand engagement with an activity as being represented by good behavior (i.e. behavioral engagement), positive feelings (i.e. emotional engagement), and, above all, student thinking (i.e. cognitive engagement) (Fredricks, 2014). This is because students may be behaviorally and/or emotionally invested in a given activity without actually exerting the necessary mental effort to understand and master the knowledge, craft, or skill that the activity promotes.
  • Student Engagement

    4 Free Web Tools to Boost Student Engagement

    Guest blogger Nicolas Pino James, a teacher researcher focused on effective learning and teaching, suggests four motivational tool technologies for engaging students with course material in and out of class: myBrainshark, PosterMyWall, Screencast-o-matic and Padlet.