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Lori Wenzinger, M.Ed

8th Grade Social Studies Teacher, Action for Unity Founder/Advisor

As an 8th grade social studies teacher, I strive to make history come alive through real world connections. My curriculum and assessment work includes planning and review at the school, district, and state levels. Throughout my 24-year career, I have led multiple professional development classes. I serve on the SCCSS Board as the middle school representative. Recent awards include: SCCSS Outstanding Lesson: Civic Engagement & Taking Action Award (2016) and the Civil Rights/Civil Liberties: Excellence in Teaching Award sponsored by Nystrom Education (2017). I am proud of my leadership role in creating ACTION, a student-led program that promotes awareness, healing, and unity between diverse groups.

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  • Service Learning

    Promoting Empathy in Middle School

    Diverse teams of students build a stronger school culture by working together on service projects to address community needs.