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I am Bullyproof -Lessia Bonn

I am Bullyproof

I once served as slightly nutty ringleader / counselor to an awesome crew of colorful kids who loved to sing. We had biker chicks, surfer boys, brainy kids, dreamy kids, goths, cheerleaders...all shapes and sizes of wonderfulness in the shape of kids in our fun-loving choir. Tweens and teens came from all over town, sleepy-eyed on Sunday mornings... but full of enthusiasm. Concerts were sold-out parties and great fun (all mistakes being on purpose of course), but our favorite thing was Sunday morning meets. Kids showed up in slippers and sat on the floor. One girl often brought her pet iguana. He slept on her shoulder except for that one time he got away. I kid you not. And what did I learn from this amazing adventure as an adult person?

I learned that I could pen fresh perspectives to horrible-feeling dilemmas into songs that really spoke to kids and were fun to sing. In this busy world, lectures get lost - and often are met with raised eyes. But a sweet song that helps a kid cope... offering up a sweet solution? Wowzah. Home run. I can not begin to tell you how many kids have said to me, "Your songs are saving my life!" I love my work :-)

I am Bullyproof is a big library of studio recorded wisdom-packed songs that feature the voices of my own students, a full band, and Justin Timberlake's drummer. Our most popular song "Fearless" features the voice of Jessie Bridges. Her dad's the Dude! Most our recorded voices are attached to the teen-next-door so kids can relate. We have writing prompts that underline song themes like mindfulness, tolerance, not worrying so much, and ELA social skills units co-created with general teachers across the country. We have sheet music and karaoke for music teachers because don't just empower, they're great fun for choirs. We have a lot!

We hope our story and songs inspire your own kids to think outside the box a bit. Growth mindset rocks!

With hope and love,

Lessia Bonn

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