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Online All the Time: Using the Web to Stay Organized

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I've been migrating most of my files to the Web. I use my class Web site instead of a file cabinet, and I post family pictures to my personal Web site. I'm always looking for ways to keep more of my work on the Web, instead of in any particular place. The reason is simple: If I store files on a local computer, I have to log on to that computer to access them.

So, I've been experimenting with the Zoho Web sites -- ZohoWriter, ZohoSheet, and ZohoShow 2.0 -- which allow you to use application packages such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) through your Web browser. The best part: They're all free!

I have introduced my students to these sites and have been encouraging them to use them. It solves a big problem for us -- namely, some of my kids work on projects at home, but then 1) have trouble transporting them to school and 2) sometimes their work won't open on the school computers.

These sites simply require a Web browser. (Firefox works best.) There is also Google Spreadsheets, which is terrific, but you need to have a Gmail account to use it. Speaking of Google, I use Gmail to write notes in class or at presentations, and then simply save them as a draft. Again, they're accessible from any computer. I have been writing these blog posts that way.

I really am trying to be online all the time, and these resources make it easier.

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