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Choosing Wisely: The Search for the Perfect Kindergarten

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    1. You're not alone in this big decision. We've tapped the brains of parents and experts to guide you through the process in this multi-part series.

    2. Sometimes your school selection doesn't work out. Four parents share why they changed schools.
    3. Sometimes your assigned school isn't a good fit. Read about three parents who selected schools outside their neighborhood.
    4. Sometimes your school system throws you a curveball. Learn how three parents navigated their new terrain.

    5. Starting school can be stressful for children, parents, and schools, but communities throughout the country are meeting the challenge head-on.

    6. An expert offers advice for reducing anxiety and making those difficult goodbyes easier.
    7. Answers to common questions parents have about kindergarten.
    8. Determine your options, identify your family's needs, and make an action plan.
    9. When evaluating kindergartens, make sure you're asking all the right questions.
    10. Understand the terminology behind kindergarten enrollment.

Parent Partnership

For parents who are interested in engaging more deeply with their kids' teachers and school communities.

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