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Edutopia Quiz: What Is Your Emotional Intelligence?

What's Your Emotional IQ?

Emotional intelligence -- the ability to empathize, persevere, control impulses, communicate clearly, solve problems, and work with others -- can be a critical skill for teachers. This quiz should help you learn more about how you manage emotions. It takes less than five minutes to complete and provides personalized tips for how to improve the way you manage your classroom and interact with your students.

Think about the last week as you answer the following questions. How often have you engaged in the behavior or activity described while at school?

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professor ross e forp's picture

im a college professor teaching accounting and i felt that these eq concepts r not applicabke to me or my students. however i feel now that maybe this really matters. im focused on delivering the topics w mastery that s why i get frustrated if they dont get it despite my full effort in explaining. can u give me concrete activities i should do in class so that they will fully grasp my lessons? would u agree that i should give quizzes after discussions so they will be compelled to listen? the style for college teachig usually is prof will discuss then give quiz next meeting or after a chapter. i observe that their output is not favorable in this method

Amee's picture

Feedback. Go ask for feedback. students hesitate to give feedback. you must ask them individually or 4-5 people together. This will give a fair idea as to where students stand and why the desired outputs are not coming.
Ask them for their suggestion. They best know what their learning style is.
Accounting requires practice.
spend the first half of the lecture quizzing them about what happened in the previous class. This can be done orally or as MCQ. If they are solving mathematical problems give them a time limit. The other half deal with new concept.
Encourage students to take down notes and ask them to read the notes while you take attendance or when you give them free time.
Give them some objective tests of concepts to solve over the weekend. if they fail to bring back them solve, make them teach a particular topic to the class. Give incentives to those who perform well.

most importantly, let your students know that they can freely approach you with solved papers or doubts or anything else related to the subject.

Hope this helps.

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