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A high school student shares a smile with her teacher.
Classroom Management

11 Research-Based Classroom Management Strategies

Discover kernels—simple, quick, and reliable ways to deal with behavior challenges.
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A black female high school student looks out a window
Education Equity

Honoring the Innocence of Black Girls

A teacher reconsiders one of his students in light of recent findings on how adults perceive black girls.
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Blended Learning

A School Built on Personalization

Sal Khan founded a school on the same principles of personalization that drove the success of his YouTube tutorials.
A young student does classwork in pen.
Growth Mindset

A Simple Tool for Fostering Growth Mindset

You can have students use an old technology—ballpoint pens—to keep their mistakes and revisions, and their learning, visible.
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Illustration of a side view of a brain with bright blue neural pathways
The Research Is In

Why Students Forget—and What You Can Do About It

Our brains are wired to forget, but there are research-backed strategies you can use to make your teaching stick.
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Photo of hands at keyboard
Community Partnerships

The Big List of Educational Grants and Resources

Get a roundup of educational grants, contests, awards, free toolkits, and classroom guides aimed at helping students, classrooms, schools, and communities. Check this page weekly to get the latest updates!
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Illustration of an eyeball looking out from a computer screen
Social Media

Protecting Student Privacy on Social Media

A primer for ensuring that students’ personal information remains confidential on social media.
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A teacher engages in friendly conversation with two students.
Classroom Management

Compassion as a Classroom Management Tool

First-year teachers may feel that taking a strict approach with their students is best. A second-year teacher makes a case for compassion.
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High school students read novels in class.

Getting Everyone on the Same Page

Reading a novel together as a class builds community, pushes everyone to do the work, and still allows for differentiation.
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A roomful of kids design games around real-world problems.
Game-Based Learning

Taking Advantage of the Power of Play

Game jams—game creation sessions—can be used in any class to spark learning. Bonus: There’s a free lesson plan to help you get started.
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