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A photo of a student drawing on a piece of cardboard with black marker.
Maker Education

Creating an Authentic Maker Education Rubric

To assess maker projects in your class, begin with a three-part rubric to guide students through process, understanding, and product.
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5-Minute Film Festival

5-Minute Film Festival: Video Boot Camp

The rapid adoption of devices in the classroom has fundamentally changed the way we can create video. Every part of the creation process -- writing, recording, editing, and distributing -- is possible on the devices that can fit in our pocket....
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Brain-Based Learning

The High Cost of Neuromyths in Education

Instead of believing in the right/left brain, learning styles, and that we use only ten percent of our brains, we should focus on neuroscience research.
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A photo of students with their wrists crossed, holding hands, in a group exercise.
Social and Emotional Learning

When Students Reflect on Group Participation and Social-Emotional Goals

A focus on both individual social-emotional skills and improved group participation helps prepare students for the many future contexts in which their success will depend on both.
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Online Learning

It's Time to Start an Online Program

Online programs are becoming easier to integrate because, with each year, districts have more successful models to follow and more resources from which to choose.
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A photo of an elementary-school boy using a desktop computer.
Formative Assessment

5 Fantastic, Fast, Formative Assessment Tools

With tools like Socrative, Kahoot, Zaption, Chatzy, and Plickers, teachers can use tech for immediate feedback about how students are learning and understanding the lesson.
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School Libraries

21st-Century Libraries: The Learning Commons

Libraries become a different kind of learning destination when schools reimagine them as open, transparent spaces that invite student communication and collaboration.
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Education Trends

O Captain! My Captain! Where Has Teaching Gone?

To understand the changing nature of 21st-century teaching, consider how these elements define your school culture: scheduling, budget, programming, and student POV.
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A photo of 2 young boys sitting in a big easy chair, playing games on their tablets.
Game-Based Learning

Engaging Students with Social Game Mechanics

In-class games can build social-emotional, collaboration, and problem-solving skills when they bring students face-to-face for trading, arguing, judging, persuading, guessing, and bluffing.
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Student Engagement

Who Wants to Know? Use Student Questions to Drive Learning

As students get more confident asking questions in class, they'll be better prepared to take their questioning attitude into the world.
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