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Two students work together on a math problem on a whiteboard.
Critical Thinking

Building a Thinking Classroom in Math

Over more than a decade, the author has developed a 14-point plan for encouraging students to engage deeply with math content.
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A woman seated at her desk and leaning back in her chair—eyes closed and smiling.
Teacher Wellness

Building Resilience, Preventing Burnout

Whether you’re a new teacher or a veteran, try these tips for taking care of yourself and staying energized throughout the school year.
Four adults sit in front of a circle of students—one adult instructs and the other three observe.
Teacher Development

The Power of Admitting What We Don’t Know

When you’re teaching a new subject or age group, use these six tips to tackle what you don’t know—and leverage what you do.
An instructional coach and a teacher discuss some paperwork.
Instructional Coaching

Coaching the Veteran Teacher

Guiding teachers who have years of experience takes sensitivity and a willingness to learn from them at the same time.
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A teacher smiles while talking with students.
Mental Health

Trauma-Informed Practices Benefit All Students

These practices can help kids build coping skills and self-efficacy—which are helpful whether they’ve experienced trauma or not.
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Girls play a math game on their iPads.
Game-Based Learning

Building a Sense of Community—With Math

MathMobs are friendly competitions that tap into students’ motivation to play to engage them in math.
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Two students discuss a computer game.
Game-Based Learning

Gamifying Your World Language Classes

Online quiz programs weren’t designed for world language classes, so we have five tips for keeping students focused on the target language.
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A teen boy in a graduation cap and gown sits on the front porch with his mom—both are smiling.
School Leadership

What Do Parents Want From Schools?

Key takeaways from four recent polls that asked parents and guardians for their thoughts on education.
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A group of students focus on computer screens
Media Literacy

Turning Your Students Into Web Detectives

Five vetted resources students can use to separate truth from fiction online.
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An illustration of a pencil is erasing part of a maze.
Classroom Management

Why I Don’t Have Classroom Rules

A high school teacher tries a classroom management experiment thinking it will fail. Years later, he’s still at it.
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