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K-12 Education Tips & Strategies That Work

Illustration of a wire attached to a switch and twisted to look like a brain

Learn about the science and classroom applicability of these quick learning activities.

Students present their ideas at the 2016 National Maker Faire.

Making turned New Jersey middle school students into teachers for a weekend—and sent some of them to the White House.

Illustration showing white and black boys with sagging pants
By Kelly Wickham Hurst

A public high school administrator recounts the moment she recognized that her teachers disciplined black and white students differently.

Diverse students read books.

The latest PISA rankings show a decline in U.S. math scores, but experts say that focusing on successes at home may be more important.

Three teenage students are talking and smiling as they look at a computer tablet.

From chalk talks to computer tours, learn how to engage your students in small-group and whole-class discussions.

A bored student sleeps at her desk.

Put an end to sleeping in your classroom.

Students consult with a teacher on a STEM project.

Four tips on how to collaborate with your STEM colleagues so your subject doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Kids in a classroom use a variety of programs to practice coding.

With this collection of resources, you can teach your students to code—even if you’re still learning yourself.

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A young woman reads a heavily annotated book.

Students need good reading skills not just in English but in all classes. Here are some ways you can help them develop those skills.

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Photo of student at keyboard
By Ashley Cronin

Generate excitement about coding and expose students to computer science by participating in Hour of Code during Computer Science Education Week.

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a row of colored pencils

Sometimes students need a little push to activate their imaginations.

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Illustration representing a teen brain

Thanks to the wonders of neuroplasticity, adolescents are primed to improve their performance in school—and beyond. Here’s how to help.

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illustration of some of the book titles included in this article

Find out what books made this educator's list and add your own essential reads.

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photo of a teacher and student having a hallway discussion

Social and Emotional Learning
Why Restorative Practices Benefit All Students

Punitive discipline can be harmful and unfair—restorative practices offer hopeful solutions.

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