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Children in a classroom talk to a writer who appears on a screen via video chat.

Video chats with published writers will inspire your students to read and write more.

Close-up photo of a student seen only from collarbone to hip, concealing a smartphone in class

We should be deliberately teaching middle and high school students how to manage their devices.

Photo of a student holding a microphone shot from behind and to one side

Communication Skills
Learning to Hook an Audience

The author’s fifth-grade students practiced a variety of skills in order to make 25-minute verbal and visual presentations on their inquiry-based projects.

Photo of teens walking while holding smartphones or tablet computers, with social media icons overlaid on the image

Text messages and Instagram captions can be valuable samples for teaching tone, writing conventions, and levels of formality.

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Photo provided by the author of a large group of students in New Zealand

Culturally Responsive Teaching
Letting Students Succeed as Themselves

An American teacher shares a lesson learned during time he spent in New Zealand schools.

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A caring teacher chats with a young student.

Parents and teachers can minimize the stress with some joint prep before school starts.

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Photo of hands at keyboard

Get a roundup of educational grants, contests, awards, free toolkits, and classroom guides aimed at helping students, classrooms, schools, and communities. Check this page weekly to get the latest updates!

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Illustration showing a computer surrounded by images of a tablet, computer, camera, mouse, game controller, and more

Technology Integration
The Epic BYOD Toolbox

We’ve collected dozens of apps and tools for your bring-your-own-device classroom, with options for student writing, presentations, screencasting, assessment, and more.

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Image of a student’s open daily planner with colored pencils and smartphone calendar on the side

Five techniques you can use with students in any class to help boost their long-term learning outcomes.

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A girl looks lonely in class as two peers look angry behind her.

Ideas for guiding girls toward positive interactions with each other.

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Montage of the covers of the books mentioned in this article

Professional Development
6 PD Reads You Shouldn’t Miss

We asked about the professional development books you’d recommend to your teacher friends. Here are the six that stood out.

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Image a bookshelf built in the shape of a tree positioned in front of a blackboard

You can find ideas on how to gear your teaching to meet the needs of all students even in works that aren’t explicitly about differentiation.

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The Sensory Room: Helping Students With Autism Focus & Learn

Learning Environments
Sensory Room 101

After we published a video about a special room designed to help autistic kids calm and focus themselves, you had questions. Here’s what it takes to create this kind of space.

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Three teenage female students looks at a computer tablet together.

Student Engagement
Scaffolding Grit

It starts with integrating passion-based learning into your classroom.

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