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K-12 Education Tips & Strategies That Work

Groups of students discuss novels in their classroom.

Re-energize your student readers with these super-smart, tech-savvy learning stations.

Standing outside between two trees, a father and son are looking at each other, smiling, and hugging each other with one arm.

These questions will help you draw out important information from your kids.

Three girls exclude another girl in a school hallway.

An introduction to a particularly destructive form of bullying—and three things you can do to address it.

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Photo of hands at keyboard

Get a roundup of educational grants, contests, awards, free toolkits, and classroom guides aimed at helping students, classrooms, schools, and communities. Check this page weekly to get the latest updates!

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Five diverse, young students and a female librarian are standing by a table with atlases spread open in a library.

A globally competent student is one who can investigate the world, weigh perspectives, interact with diverse audiences, and take action.

A split-screen illustration of two cut-open heads facing each other -- the left head with negative symbols rising from the top and the right head with positive imagery.

How can we help elementary students who have been scarred by tragedy become more receptive to learning?

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Find opportunities to engage in DIY PD, connect, and stay up-to-date about new ideas in education through webinars, unconferences, and conferences. Check back weekly for updates!

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Illustration of a boy strapped to a pencil rocket

Young writers often feel blocked by the act of writing itself. Use these ideas to help get their thoughts flowing.

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Student Engagement
Motivating the Unmotivated

By Chelsea Dale

A simple, no-cost video chat program motivates unruly, disengaged elementary and middle school students through relationships with high school students who demonstrate the value of education.

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photo of a student playing minecraft
By Andrew Miller

Blogger Andrew Miller explores ways to bring game-based learning to the classroom using Minecraft.

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All points of arts integration -- from benefits and implementation to linking the arts with core curriculum -- are covered in this roundup of useful Edutopia blog posts, articles, and videos.

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A male teacher and eight young students are standing in a blue-walled classroom near a projector with planets displayed on it.

Student Engagement
3 Ways to Be Less Boring

To avoid turning into that boring teacher, try waiting longer for student responses, teaching "do not call on me" signals, and enjoying these young people for who they are.

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Photo of baseballs against a fence
By Matt Davis

Explore some resources for using the World Series to bring history, math, social studies, music, and visual arts to your classroom.

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Graphic of a pencil eraser rubbing out the word "bullying."

Discover websites, organizations, articles, planning guides, lesson plans, and other resources dedicated to preventing bullying and harassment.

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