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K-12 Education Tips & Strategies That Work

A smiling six-year-old girl lies on the school playground with a thought bubble drawn in chalk above her head.

Nobel Prize winners show kids the role of failure in learning and demonstrate that there is no single recipe for creativity.

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Tips for presenting—and critically evaluating—a variety of political viewpoints in government and history classes.

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Increase student engagement with these 10 techniques.

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A simple way to build community and prime students for critical thinking.

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Tested techniques to help you ease stress and recharge your batteries.

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A look at the research that made an impact in 2016, from growth mindset in science class to effective stress-reduction strategies for teachers and students.

Illustration of a wire attached to a switch and twisted to look like a brain

Learn about the science and classroom applicability of these quick learning activities.

Kids in a classroom use a variety of programs to practice coding.

With this collection of resources, you can teach your students to code—even if you’re still learning yourself.

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A young woman reads a heavily annotated book.

Students need good reading skills not just in English but in all classes. Here are some ways you can help them develop those skills.

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By Ashley Cronin

Generate excitement about coding and expose students to computer science by participating in Hour of Code during Computer Science Education Week.

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Sometimes students need a little push to activate their imaginations.

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Find out what books made this educator's list and add your own essential reads.

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Social and Emotional Learning
Why Restorative Practices Benefit All Students

Punitive discipline can be harmful and unfair—restorative practices offer hopeful solutions.

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Teacher Wellness
2016 Teacher Gift Guide

Looking for a gift for an amazing teacher? We’ve got you covered.

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