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PROJECT: Why Is Learning Another Language Important?

PROJECT: Why Is Learning Another Language Important?

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Hello all!

I first want to say that I'm really excited to be posting on this discussion board as I love learning from other educators and collaborating on various projects. With that in mind, I wanted to ask you all for some help.

We talk a lot in our classrooms about the importance of learning another language, but sometimes I feel like our students don't really get the message. They don't really always see the importance of language learning. I'm sure you can relate! This issue led me to creating the following project.

I thought that if we could compile a HUGE list of all the reasons why learning another language is so important, fun, interesting, expanding, etc etc then that might help us with convincing our students why it's so important that they become and remain life-long language learners.

To facilitate this project, I created an open Google Doc, in which anyone (you don't need a Gmail account!) can add to the list. Will you help me and help the world language community at the same time by contributing to the list? And share it with as many people as possible! Thank you so much.

Link to Google Doc here:

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Nathan Beck's picture
Nathan Beck
High School Spanish Teacher and Academic Dean from St. Louis, Missouri

This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing, Gwen. I'll have to try to track down Trevor Pilgram's contact information and let him know about the list. Or maybe I can just add what he has in that post to it already. Either way, awesome! Thanks again for sharing :).

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