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Calling all WL Teachers... interested in PBL that is!

Calling all WL Teachers... interested in PBL that is!

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Dear PBL for WL friends... We have heard your cry for help over on the PBL Community Forum, and are pleased to let you know that there is indeed a WL Community Forum RIGHT here on Edutopia, and we chat about all things PBL for WL! Yes indeed! And I see that you did hop on over here, so feel free to post your questions here. So... let me whet your appetite with a few ideas! Although I teach French, not Spanish, it is my contention that PBL for WL works regardless of the language of instruction. Obviously, there are discrete language bricks and mortar matters (ie, vocabulary, syntax, and of course, structural matters) to consider in addition tot he cultural contexts which will vary by language. Still, by and large, all level one WL courses deal with very similar contexts - school, family, travel, foods, sport... As a result, we can readily design PBL for WL by level and proficiency targets, rather than by languages. SO take heart! you can work with a French teacher, or a Chinese teacher, or... you get the idea! I should mention at this point, before going on, that I have been doing workshops for WL teachers on how to do PBL in WL for a few years now, and in the course of working with a large number of teachers, I have come to a few conclusions, at least for now! One of those is that in WL, the project element of PBL is the tool for student engagement in their own learning, and that the presentation of the project is not really the only endpoint. Once the project presentations are complete, we still need to assess spontaneous communicative proficiencies as a result of the inquiry. I build projects around communicative learning targets first, design the final standards-based proficiency assessments, then backwards plan from there to the project, embedding the 8 elements of PBL (cf, and the 21st Century skills, whilst aiming for depth of knowledge on global themes. Want to know more? Yes? Post your questions and comments and let's continue the discussion right here! Have a look at previous posts as well; there are a few things to catch up with down below. I look forward to the exchange! You may also be interested in my PBL-WL website at: See you soon, Don Moderator of the WL Community Forum here at Edutopia

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