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I am looking for a FB report card (or such) application

I am looking for a FB report card (or such) application

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I am looking for a FB report card (or such) application. I am currently teaching French conversation through FB and Skype and I would like to be able to let me students know of their progress using the space we share. There has to be a way! Merci!

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Don Doehla, MA, NBCT's picture
Don Doehla, MA, NBCT
2015 California Language Teacher of the Year, Co-Director Berkeley WL Project at UC Berkeley Language Center

Bonjour MJ!

I don't have one myself, but I would love to see one! Does anyone else on our forum have one to share? I will check with my extended PLN as well, and post here if/when I find something.

I would also be curious to know more about how you are using FB as a way to teach French. Can you tell us about how you are structuring the learning activities for your students? How do you deal with privacy issues, etc.? Thanks for sharing your expertise!

I wonder if you know about Edmodo? Go to to sign up for a free account. Edmodo is set up a lot like FB, but you have more options for your classes, including more privacy options, a grade book, a planner/calendar to post assignments, a means for students to turn in multimedia or more traditional assignments, and much more. I use Edmodo and my students really love it.

What about other WL teachers on our forum - what technology-based management systems do you have in place? How are you using them to teach your language(s)? What works well? What would you add if you could?

I look forward to hearing from you about your ideas! Thanks for posting MJ!

Bonne continuation,

MJ Catel's picture
MJ Catel
Associate professor of French, FB/Skype, simulation games applications

The class is an experiment and it is hybrid. Our French conversation class still meets face to face but it the conversation continues if you will (as a group and a blog) on FB. I have TAs for FB and Skype and they happen to be native speakers. My latest project is discussing the Francophone news so of course FB works very well! The students actually presented their news as a journal TV. Some even did an ad. I have had many thoughts on how this (ideally) could be run. It reminds me (sorry) that Monday the class is having a debate. It is a follow-up from the sensitive issues/topics we followed in the news. This includes topics such as gay marriage in France but of course because it is after all a culture class we compare the French case to similar American cases. Ideally then, the JOURNAL TV project would be run live (after students research the news in the French/Francophone media and comparing them to the American media, and also after they comment on them on FB, and get feedback from their peer, after they rehearse with, in my case a native speaker via Skype) so live in a class that is equipped with SKYPE. While the students are running the news, the audience (maybe members of the French Club, profs, francophiles, and whoever) will be tweeting about the news in French, posting on our page "comments". Students will go back later and respond in French. Students will also take questions from the audience. Skype is used for the invited guest/s so we may have some form of "debate" going on. This guest may be from Montreal, France or wherever. It sounds ideal it is! It is a lot of work. I am actually preparing an assessment tool for this class because I am going to Las Vegas to present my findings in October. I already presented at our Festival with 4 of my students and it was a lot of fun. Edmodo yes I do know of them. The only problem for me is I do like to meet my students where they are (read the NEA article) and make my own rules, what I mean is work with raw materials. I do think Edmodo is great though. So this was just an example. The other project we did before which is very traditional was a virtual trip (trip to Montreal where we went) As to privacy issues: the group is secret. Nobody can join it or see it. I consider myself a coach at this point. I customize the French learning experience more than I traditionally teach French. I could not do that without my Skype/FB TAs Thanks for your interest!.

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