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introducing myself

introducing myself

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Hello dear friends! My name is eliona and I am a fledgling English and Greek teacher. I make my residence in Tirana, the capital of Albania. Together with my husband we set up a language school here in Tirana where I teach English and Greek to native Albanians. I have recently found out about edutopia and I am thrilled to read so many inspiring articles and learn about other educators around the world who want to make a difference in their community around them. This is exactly my burning ambition and life long dream, to be able to make a resounding impact on my community where I live. I want to help my students to improve their language level as well as transmit values and principles which will help them to make a difference too. I want to improve my self as an educator in so many ways and I just look forward to it everyday. I also want to develop a model language school that will be different in all aspects. Our vision as a couple is to minister to people by means of this language school, and bring hope and joy to Albania which is a country fraught with many and various financial, political and other social problems. I don't mean to ramble on but I just want to join this group and receive your suggestions and advice about how to forge ahead in my goals as well as in self development as an educator. I need your help, I am happy to start conversations with you and I want to be able to share my challenges and difficulties with the group of world language, since my language school is newly found and we have started everything from scratch. God bless you all!

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Elana Leoni's picture
Elana Leoni
Edcamper, Former @Edutopia, Founder of Social Media Marketing Consultancy aimed at helping educational orgs.

Hello Eliona,

Just wanted to welcome you to our community. You have some great goals and I know many members of our community share them. basically has a lot of what you're looking for. Our blogs ( offer practical ideas/advice from the voice of educators and change-makers in education, while our Schools That Work ( offer case studies of evidence-based strategies in K-12 schools that you can replicate.

Hope this helps and please feel free to reach out with any questions,

Don Doehla, MA, NBCT's picture
Don Doehla, MA, NBCT
2015 California Language Teacher of the Year, Co-Director Berkeley WL Project at UC Berkeley Language Center

Greetings Eliona!

Welcome to the WL forum at Edutopia! I am sorry for my delayed reply. For some reason, I did not get a notification this time that someone had posted a note. I am thankful the Elana was able to post something for you. Do check out all the great resources her on Edutopia!

I also agree with Elana that you have one great ambitions. I wish you great success on your school. Please feel free to post some specific questions you may have here on the WL forum. There are over 600 people connected on the WL community who can also share some ideas in response to questions you may post.

I will look forward to your questions and comments. Best wishes to you,

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