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Transition Collaboration

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Being a fifth grade Multiple disability teacher and my wife a middle school multiple disability teacher, we encounter a break down in communication when a student transitions from elementary school to middle school and middle school to high school. Should teachers collaborate with each other throughout the school year to ensure that the students are successful academically when they are promoted to the next level. Elementary to middle and middle to high.

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Jennifer Rose's picture

I taught for 4 years in a county wide program for students with multiple disabilities. The county did not have enough students in each individual district to justify having classrooms in each district, so they banded together and had each age group in a different school building.
We did meet quarterly to work on what the expectations were from year to year. When I left, we were developing a continum of skills for each IEP area to allow us to have a consistent path to follow. We saw tremendous success in the transitions between primary to intermediate to middle school to high school and to transition (18-22 year olds learning skills for employment and independent living).

Joy Elliott's picture
Joy Elliott
Middle School Special Ed. Teacher Creedmoor, NC

Our district is now requiring transition meetings every spring for students moving from one school to another. This gives up the opportunity to discuss needs of the student with the new staff. I feel strongly about this collaboration. We would hate to lose a student because there was a communication breakdown!

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