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Role of special classes

Role of special classes

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I am curious what you think about the role that special teachers have in the school. I teach health and PE, and I find that many teachers view these courses as meaningless. They often see these classes as free time or a break from real learning. I'm definitely not saying that all teachers do this, but many do. I feel that I can make a valid argument that health is the most important class, since everyday you eat, drink, breathe, and do some sort of exercise. I'm curious your thoughts.

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Ashley Wright's picture

I have had the same experiences in my school. I am a special education teacher and have experienced some resistance from the regular education teachers. I don't think that they feel our classes are a waste of time, I think it has more to do with the lack of time during the day. There is so much pressure on teachers to cram in a lot of learning in a short amount of time, and our classes take up a significant amount of it. I do know that they appreciate having a break from their students and being able to spend some time planning lessons!

Mindy's picture

I also teach health and physical education. I teach my girls that my class may not be considered a core subject in school, but it is their core subject for their life. We are with them everyday, and can prevent them from health challenges as they get older. What level do you teach and how do you motivate your students to participate in class?

Laura Quimby's picture

I think all classes should be considered special classes because each of us teach a class that is unique and different from one another. I think that there has to be more emphasis in PE due to the obesity in children being on the rise. I have several students in my class that I worry about because I see their weight increase over the two year span that I have been with them. It worries me when they graduate that they will not have to energy or the drive to continue with eating healthy and exercise if it is not establish in them while in school. They need to have that prior knowledge to continue after school. I also think as a special education teacher that it is difficult to be specialized because I have to be an educator, a friend, and a supporter to my students while giving them the know how to survive in the real world.

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