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Please help me. The only reason I opening this discussion is because I am required to do some bloging for a class assignment. So please excuse me if do not follow the appropriate etiquette. I have never bloged before and I am a skeptic. Please briefly share one or two reasons why this is a useful format for teachers. How do you feel comfortable sharing Ideas with strangers? And how do you check the validity of information shared? Thanks

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Lynn's picture

To be honest with you, the only reason I am responding is because I feel I am in the same boat as you are. I am not sure of the reasoning behind this and am totally lost out here in cyber world. I am, however, taking my masters program and it is "Integrating Technology in the Classroom." I do see the validity since this is a technologically driven world we live in, yet I am still a bit lost...

This, to me, is the safest and most stress-free way of getting new ideas and sharing with others my own beliefs and feelings. It is less pressure, I think. I think the best way to check the validity of information is to experiment. This is what teaching is, right. You try new things and if it works use it again, if not, don't. But, always, ALWAYS, keep that information in your (mental) filing cabinet for future use. You know, what works for one group may not work for another.

I hope this helps. I know your post if from February, but just know you are not alone...


Marie's picture

I am in the same boat. I am required to blog for one of my classes. I believe blogging is good for many reasons and they are not all about our students. I know that sharing our experiences help us personally.It can give us a tool to share our ideas, dilemmas, and outbursts. I was lucky enough to have found a couple of really interesting blogs that provide spaces for political, educational, and emotional topics.
Lynn and CW, good luck with the blogging!

Denise's picture

Thank you, CW, for your question. I am in the same boat as you. I must blog for a class. If you hadn't posted your question, I would not have gotten the answer I needed. Thank you Marie and Lynn for you answer to CW's question. Now am I going to tackle this assignment with an open mind.

Thanks again,

Amy's picture

I am in the same boat as well, doing this for an assignment for school. I could see how this could be a very helpful tool to get advice from other teachers. Thanks a bunch


Maggi D.Blumberg's picture

I am blogging to as a requirement for my grad course. I do feel that there are potential benefits to blogging with other educators. However, because of the type of program I teach in is so specialized, I find that often other educators are not dealing with the same issues or concerns that I am. I also find that I am so busy as a special ed teacher that I do not know necessarily when I would have time to consistently "blog". Does anyone else feel this way? I often feel like I have so much to do to prepare and also lead my own life as well outside of school, that this would just be one more thing to add to my already very busy day?


Amy's picture

I feel the same way Maggi. I am a Reading Specialist and the type of program I teach is so specialized that I often do not deal with the classroom concerns that other teacher may be dealing with. I could see the benefit from perhaps "blogging" with other reading teachers, but there is often not a lot of time in my busy day to wait on a reply.


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