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Teachers teaching teachers - what tips do you have?

Teachers teaching teachers - what tips do you have?

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I find that talking and working with your colleagues is one of the best teaching tools for an educator. I have learned so much from my peers! Acording to Nieto (2003), "In the work I've done with teachers, it has often been the case that their greatest inspiration comes from other teachers, not from outside 'experts,' certainly not from staff meetings, not even from books. These things may also inpire teachers, but it's puzzling out the day-to-day problems with colleagues that tends to be most helpful" (p. 58).

What are some tips or helpful hints that you might have learned from your colleagues?

Nieto, S. (2003). What keeps teachers going? New York: Teachers College Press

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Prem Gandhi's picture

Interacting with other educators gives a deep insight regarding teaching strategies, dealing with student behavior issues and other academic pursuits. Positive or negative feed back are really helpful tools to attain expertise in any profession.

Nicole's picture

I also find communicating with other teachers to be extremely beneficial. I too feel that I have learned so much from other educators, and have received many helpful hints, strategies, and ideas from them on how to deal with the toughest of situations. Most often, I consult my colleagues for tips on how to effectively communicate with parents once they have phoned or emailed me with a "concern." Being that I am not yet a parent myself, I want to make sure that I phrase my comments to the parents of my students in the best way that I can, without sounding insensitive or even defensive. Many of my colleagues are parents themselves, so it helps me to run things by them, to see how they view my responses from a parent's perspective.

Megan Kalb's picture

Thanks for the comments.
I am in the same boat as you, Nicole. I am also not a parent and I ask for advice a lot of times on communicating with my parents at school. There can be sensitive and tough situations that happen and we as educators need to communicate with parents in the best way. I am constantly learning from my mistakes!

Ashley's picture
Elementary Reading Teacher

I am currently in my first year of teaching, so I am always looking to my colleagues for advice, feedback, tips, and answers to my millions of questions. One thing that my mentor teacher told me at the beginning of the year that has stuck with me, was to surround myself with teachers whom I want to be like. He said to find the teachers that I think do the "best job" and have qualities that I want to achieve and observe them and be around them. As a beginning teacher, learning from those around you who are experienced and effective is not only a smart idea, it's essential. I find that I try to stay around the positive people who share my enthusiasm and perspective, and distance myself from those people who tend to see the glass as "half empty."

Olive's picture

We all learn from other teachers. Each teacher brings to the classroom his or her unique strategies. Not all strategies will work in each classroom, but as I communicate with other teachers I select and implement strategies that best suit my teaching environment.

Becky Cudini's picture

I am currently teaching eighth grade after teaching first grade. I do not know what I would do without my colleagues within my district. I have put in so much effort into my new position but I cant even begin to tell you how much I appreciate the advice, suggestions, encouragement, feedback, etc... We all have amazing people in our lives outside of the education world but sometimes you just need the fellow teacher who understands what you may be dealing with. I know I too offer so much to my fellow colleagues but I cant wait to be a seasoned teacher who can offer so much more to my fellow colleagues!

Sarah F's picture

I find that my colleagues of present and past have helped me tremendously in becoming a better teacher. There is so much that goes into teaching besides teaching, - such as dealing with parents, the paperwork, and other duties - and that is not necessarily taught when you are in your undergrad. As a second year teacher, I would not have survived had it not been for the fantastic teamI had assisting me along the way. I think as teachers, most of us enjoy the idea of paying it forward. Not only is it rewarding to teach our students, it is rewarding to help a fellow teacher out in one way or another!

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