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I am a new teacher and always looking for ways to help my students. I had another teacher introduce me to peer teachers. She gave me a brief explanation as to how they can benefit the lower students in my class. So I crossed my fingers and gave it a try. I started out with two peer teachers and not I have five. I have only done it for a week now, I do see a difference I just hope that it is not bringing down the high students. I am hoping it will help them too, because "if you can teach it you know it" that is what I am basis my logic on. The lower students are getting the one-on-one help they need. Also I have notice that they are turning in their work and they are not rushing through it anymore, because their peer teacher has to look it over and approve it first. Any opinions on this strategy would be great. Has anyone tried this before were they successful or not?

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Jessie's picture

In my classroom I do something very similar but we call it coaching. A coach is someone who can help give strategies but not do the work for them. I have some of my higher kids coach the kids who are struggling so they are able to understand the assignment as well. I don't have assigned coaches but rather when a students in done and I check their work (if it is correct) I will have them coach others who need help. This of course can vary based on the assignment. I teach 2nd grade and this has been great! It really allows me to work with the most intensive kids more since the kids who just need a little but of help are getting it from their peers.

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