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Blogging, what's that?

Blogging, what's that?

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For me, this is the first time I have ever posted something on a blog. I never really thought about it before. As stated in our Walden Assignment, our collaboration is limitless. I am wondering how many teachers out there use blogs in their classrooms with the students? I've just started a blog for my students!! I think its a great way to get kids involved in technology, and have a safe place to submit their answers to my questions! I have created Reading "Book Club" blogs and a science blog. What other types of blogs has anyone created for their students?

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CW's picture

This too is my first response and I am doing it for a class as are some of the others responding. Not a format I see myself using much do to my prejudice of blogs I have heard about (political & sports related a lot of mean spirited) and my poor keyboarding skill. I rather have a real conversation where tone and expression are involved. I try to keep an open mind and hope I don't offend anyone.

Lena Brewster's picture

What blogs do you use in your classroom? I saw that two different blogs were mentioned are there any others? Also have you seen an improvement in students participation and understanding of subjects blogged about?

Brenda Schlagel's picture

I am also imtimidated with blogging. I was first very shocked that I did not even know about it or twitter. I looked through out the websites for blogging and was very surprised on the different topics that were researched and discussed. I feel that I could get a lot of good information and learn from others about certain areas of education. This has been interesting and I am glad to have learned about it. I feel that I am going to have to familiar myself more before I can ever use it with my class.

Kimberly Roberts's picture

The word "blog" is one that I hear quite often but this is truly the first time I can call myself a "blogger".After reading several comments, I believe blogging gives you a "voice" and the opportunity to be a part of a community of like minds and great teachers.I can definitely see blogging in my future.

Kerry Milligan's picture

Marina, How about if your young students could simple answer a question for the day or week like a yes or no question? "Did you bring your homework in?" or can you read these sight words? Just to get them used to the logging on and online participation? Kerry

Kerry Milligan's picture

Lindsey, I have the students who do not have the access at home use time during a break or when they are finished with work even recess time kids love doing it! Kerry

Kimberly Roberts's picture

I have heard the term "blog" many times but this is truly the first time I can call myself a "blogger". After reading several comments, it seems that blogs can give you a "voice" and the opportunity to be a part of a community of like minds and great teachers. I can definitely see blogging in my future.

Dina's picture
Elementary School Teacher from LaGrange, Georgia

I knew blogging was beneficial to fellow educators, but I never really thought about using it for my students. Kudos to you for thinking outside the box! Please keep us posted on how well your students do with blogging!

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