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Creative Arts in the Curriculum

Creative Arts in the Curriculum

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Greetings, This is my first blog ever. I want to introduce myself to the group. My name is Jason Novak and I teach elementary art in Atlanta Ga. I have been working with classroom teachers to bring more of the visual arts into the classroom. the arts are a great way to relate material to students, hands on activities create learning. If you have any lessons that you do in your classroom that incorporates art and want to share, or want some ideas/ lessons from me.....just let me know.

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Lynn's picture

This is my first blog ever, as well. I am an ed. assistant in a fast paced kindergarten class. The students learn so much in such a short amount of time. It's exhilarating.
I work with a group of about six students during our interactive writing time (all students work on a piece of writing to be published within our school). The students are a bit behind the rest of the class but we are coming along beautifully! The first actual story we wrote was a piece about a snowman. I made a picture of a snowman, snow falling around, carrot nose, top hat...just putting different detail in the picture. The students would then take turns coming up with information about our story - Our snowman's name is Hot Chocolate. He has an orange carrot nose. His mouth is made out of red strawberries. As a group we made up the sentences and each child is given a turn to write the words. Again, as a group we sound out each word and write out the sentences. It takes about a week (15 minutes a day) to complete. The end result is displayed in the hall for others to enjoy. My students are so excited about the story they wrote and can read. To finish up this lesson, I am going to take photographs of the students with the snowman picture and the story (I will type the story as well). A copy will be sent home with each student so their parents can celebrate their accomplishments with them.
We will soon be working on a story map - where the children write a story about a certain subject and then make their own pictures to illustrate their story.
We often make class books with our stories as well. Using pictures they find in magazines or their own work or even clipart from the computer. They take these books home with them (check them out as if from the library) and share with their family.
Hope this helps a bit...

Lathrop's picture
High School Drama Teacher

I worked for a few summers as a Teaching Artist at Seattle Children's Theatre and we did many things with elementary age students. One of my favorits was story drama. We would take the students for one hour and go through a whole book (normally a short book like Where the Wild Things are). As a class we travel to where the story takes place and then try to figure out the problem, we take every students idea to solve the problem and try to put this in action, then we finally figure how to solve the problem and we travel back to the classroom. This helps set up many rituals (such as the travel ritual) that students love. You as the teacher become whatever main character is in the story and it is helpful to have an assisstant lead the students through the story to meet you (as the main character). Students are able to learn how to think critically and solve problems. They love it! I have many lesson plans for 100's of books if you are interested.

Jason Novak's picture

Lynn next time you make your snowman try a mixture of glue and shaving cream it looks like snow and the kids love it...I might have to steal your name....HOT CHOCOLATE! nice.

Kathy Wallace's picture

This is my first time blogging also. I am a middle school math teacher. I teach general 7th grade math and pre-algebra. I would love to bring more creative arts and hands on opportunities into my classroom. I struggle so much trying to fit in hands on opportunities with my students. If you have any suggestions or places that I can visit to get ideas, I would love to use them.

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