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What Should We Read?

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My school takes part in reading groups twice a year. Recently, we just finished a book called White Teacher Diverse Classroom. In order to keep up to date with the newest research and findings I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to the next great book my group will read this school year? I appreciate any ideas.

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Danielle Jenkins's picture

Thank you so much for the suggestion. The text will relate to our student population and help give us ideas on how we can better understand and impact our students.

After reading your post, I went to a website to learn about Eric Jensen. I actually purchased two of his books. The one is called Student Success Secrets and the other one is titled Different Brains Different Learners: How to Reach the Hard to Reach. I think these two books along with the texts you mentioned will really lead to some good discussions in my reading group.

Do you take part in a reading group at your school or do you primarily read these on your own? I think it's great that you are committed to staying informed about the latest developments in our field.

Mary-Leigh's picture

I'm glad I could help and hope you and your fellow teachers enjoy and find these books useful in working with your students.

I am not involved in any reading groups either through work or outside of work, truthfully I wish I was. The first book I read by Eric Jensen was for a class I took years ago. I just find that by reading professional books related to topics that interest me or challenges I am currently facing in the classroom helps me stay motivated and passionate about teaching. I'm sure you can relate.

Jackie's picture

I am curious how reading groups in your school work. Who chooses the books to read? It sounds like such a great way to stay informed.

Brigitte Haas's picture
Brigitte Haas
Teacher for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Books written by Ruby K Payne are incredible! She also has one out about poverty (A Framework for Understanding Poverty) and it was very informative and well written. We actually used it as a book study when I was teaching in Las Vegas.

Jen M's picture

Our school has also read A Framework for Understanding Poverty. I find Ruby Payne's book's on poverty amazing. She really helped me grasp poverty and how it can affect the whole student.

Rob A.'s picture

If you are interested in a book for middle school teachers a great read is, "This We Believe: Successful Schools for Young Adolescents." It's an easy read by the National Middle School Association. My staff read this book and we had some wonderful conversations.

Katrina Sneed's picture
Katrina Sneed
Once upon a teacher, now stays at home

Im a huge Jonathan Kozol fan. I know some of his stuff is dated but I still find it insightful and inspirational. He makes my job look easy compared to what other teachers have to deal with on a daily basis. I love reading about the children in the poverty stricken areas and what is being done or not being done to benifit them in schools. He has a lot of Great reads.

Danielle Jenkins's picture

Dear Jackie,

Our staff development teacher selects the books our school will read. They are usually about teaching students in diverse setting and teaching kids to accept the skin they are in. We have to select a book to read for the first two marking periods and then one for the spring. You are able to select a book from a group and those people form a reading group. It is up to your group to decide where and when to meet just as long as it is finished by December/January.

One of our book study groups did read the above book by Ruby Payne. They found it helpful and interesting as well. We have it in our staff library so it available for me to check out.


Jackie's picture

Thanks so much for the information about your reading groups!


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